Assange for President?

On February 1, 2011, in Politics, Random, by jafo

Yesterday I made an off-hand comment on facebook about “where do I get my Assange 2012 bumper-stickers”.  Since then I’ve been thinking about it, and besides the obvious objections, and while I don’t like all the drama that surrounds all of it (a lot of which I’m sure has been manufactured), there is one thing…

I think Assange has done more for transparency in government than President Obama, and Obama campaigned on it!

So, in reality I’ll probably just get “Ellsberg 2012” or “Bamford 2012” stickers.  :-)

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One Response to Assange for President?

  1. apotheon says:

    I think Barack Obama has actually been a net loss to transparency in government. It’s not hard to do more for transparency than that.

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