I’ve been ripping some CDs for my mom. I had been using “ripperX”. It works fine, though it’s very manual. Insert CD, wait for CD to show up, click on “SCAN” wait for track info to show up, click on “LOOKUP” for CDDB information, eyeball CDDB info, click on “GO”.

My mom has a *LOT* of multi-artist CDs, where the track names are things like “Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock”, and ripperX doesn’t (that I know of) have anything to help put the artist information in there correctly, it’ll consider the artist “Various Artists” and the track name to be that as above.

However, there’s another ripping program called “jack”, that *WILL* do this correctly. *AND*, you can do neat things like “undo” the tagging/renaming, modify the CDDB information, and then re-apply the naming/tagging.

It’s a curses UI, so I can run it in a screen and access it remotely, for example. Here is my .jack3rc file, because this was fairly tricky to get right:


I run it as “jack –edit-freedb”, which scans the CD, does the freedb lookup, and then pops me into an editor to review and modify the CD information. Then when I save the file, it starts ripping.

I usually rip into the directory “/tmp/d”, and then once I’m happy with it I will move the resulting directory to my normal music storage directory. This allows me to do the undo/edit/redo commands on just a single disc without fuss.

So once you’ve done the rip, if the names aren’t right, you can do “jack -u” to undo the renaming. Then you can do “jack –edit-freedb” to modify the names and rename the files.

This is working REALLY well for ripping the multi-artist CDs.

I don’t know what jack does if the CD drive is ejected though. If it waits for the CD to be inserted, I could imagine a loop like “while true; do jack –edit-freedb; eject; sleep 1; done”.

Then you just need to build one of these:


Or buy one of these:


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