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This one Friday, at PyCon.

Catherine presenting on her geek aggregator.

Hangin' out happenning in the hall.

Pool was played.

Stephen Deibel said that setting "Use Interference Robustness" helped. This is a Mac feature, I guess. I imagine it might be equivalent to setting the RTS down. Though it may also be equivalent to adjusting the "sens" level in Linux.

Photos from the PSF meeting. I'll largely not annotate these. Just mostly people were looking quite happy before the meeting. See my post from yesterday for a rough rendition of what they looked like after the meeting.

Raymond giving me his "blue steel look".

Thomas giving Barry an eye test.

EWT sponsored a nice party, Jeremy was there.

Much chatting was to be had.

Brent had too much caffeine.

Raymond taught us the "caution tape trick". I could tell you but then I'd have to kill -9 you.

We now know the "caution tape trick".

Runar drew a crowd.

Steve taking a picture of people who know the "caution tape trick".

Kristjan does not know the "caution tape trick".

Raymond, happy to have company.

Mmm, chips.

Anna was eventually able to get a chair.